Mitsubishi Motors North America, AutoFi and Santander Consumer USA are now working together to deliver “an unparalleled and seamless shopping experience.”

This week, the industry trio launched ClickShop 2.0, which connects the vehicle-buying journey from Mitsubishi’s Tier-1 and dealer partners’ Tier-3 websites directly to the Mitsubishi dealer showrooms.

ClickShop 2.0 combines MMNA’s dealer-partner network with AutoFi technology solutions and the financing capability of Santander Consumer USA.

Through ClickShop 2.0, Mitsubishi can offer personalized shop-by-payment option on its manufacturer and dealer-partner websites, leveraging the prequalification capabilities of Santander Consumer USA, all through a system powered by AutoFi.

Based on just a soft credit pull, consumers can see all in-stock vehicles that meet their financing qualifications, and then shop those vehicles by payment to select a vehicle that fits their budget and needs.

When these pre-qualified customers arrive at the dealership, the AutoFi showroom solution can enable the dealer to pick the deal up wherever the consumer left off and collaboratively complete the sale.

According to a news release, early results of the ClickShop 2.0 solution are “striking” for dealers and customers alike, with a 70% reduction in the time to purchase a vehicle.

“A new car is the most expensive item most people will ever buy, so why not remove some of the stress by making it an easier, faster, and more positive process? We asked ourselves that question as we considered new and different ways to go to market,” MMNA president and CEO Mark Chaffin said in the news release. “New brands are joining the market, offering new ways for customers to shop and buy vehicles, and we are seeing the success of these approaches.

“We intend to allow our customers to shop where and when they choose, through our award-winning franchised dealer partners. ClickShop 2.0 makes buying a new car fast and fair, establishing a positive relationship with our customers right from the start,” Chaffin continued.

AutoFi president Josh Baer called the development, “a game-changing combination and the culmination of all of the innovation we have undertaken the past few years.

“Connecting an industry-defining online shopping experience to where the deals happen in-store fully aligns the interests of the manufacturer, dealers, and their captive partners in a way where all can optimize without compromising the interests of one another,” Baer continued.

Santander Consumer USA CEO Bruce Jackson elaborated about how this development marked a milestone for the finance company.

“We are excited to see our first Powered by Drive offering come to life through our partnership with MMNA and their ClickShop 2.0 solution,” Jackson said.

Powered by Drive is fueled by our proprietary pricing model, which allows us to provide consumers with accurate prequalification that they can bring to a local Mitsubishi dealership, simplifying the buying process and generating valuable leads for dealers,” he went on to say.