IRVINE, Calif. -

More stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) and innovative automotive services that dealers can offer are arriving nationwide this spring.

LoJack, part of the fintech portfolio at CalAmp, recently announced the launch of the LoJack Connect family of subscription services. The company highlighted the new LoJack offering rounds out its comprehensive suite of inventory management, SVR and connected car services. LoJack Connect can help dealers improve the customer experience with advanced connected car services they can upsell to consumers to enhance profitability, while simultaneously delivering on the proven LoJack brand promise of safety, security and peace of mind to their customers.

LoJack Connect subscription services for consumers include the LoJack SureDrive connected car app and is offered in three- and five-year plans, that come with a limited period of complementary service.

Like all LoJack solutions, the first bundle of LoJack Connect is focused on driver safety and security, and includes key features such as:

— CrashBoxx: Can send instant crash alerts to loved ones with trained U.S.-based agents available to help provide timely assistance and facilitate emergency response

— Tripwire Early Warning: Can enable proactive monitoring and alerts the consumer of unexpected car movement, such as when it is being towed or stolen

— Stolen Vehicle Location Assist: Can provide trained U.S.-based agents to coordinate directly with law enforcement to help track and locate a stolen vehicle

—Virtual Boundaries: Can allow consumers to set easily configurable boundaries that send notifications when loved ones arrive at their destination

— Speed Alerts: Can enable parents to set a threshold and receive alerts if a loved one goes faster than they should

— Trip History: Can produce reports on past trips, locations, speed and miles traveled for business or personal use on any vehicle in the account

— Where’s My Car: Can deliver real-time location of a vehicle, whether driving or parked

— Destination Search: Can display integrated and searchable landmarks such as emergency rooms, gas stations, car washes or other key destinations

— Roadside Assistance: Can provide flat tire, jump start, out of gas, lockout and towing services

— ID Theft Protection: Can offer personal information and data protection

The company explained LoJack Connect complements the existing LoJack Classic services. Officials pointed out the LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System consistently can deliver a 90% plus recovery rate on cars, trucks and SUVs, resulting in more than $1 billion worth of LoJack-equipped vehicles being recovered in the U.S. alone.

In addition, LoJack LotSmart is included with all pre-installed LoJack Connect offerings. With LotSmart, dealers can gain greater visibility into their vehicle inventory to streamline operations with the ability to monitor vehicle health, schedule maintenance, and get alerts when vehicles leave and return to the lot.

“The new LoJack Connect family of subscription services delivers the most comprehensive suite of SVR and connected car offerings in the market for dealers and consumers alike. We are helping dealer groups nationwide significantly improve the customer experience with greater visibility into their vehicle inventory along with a valuable solution they can upsell to their customers for increased profitability,” CalAmp chief executive officer Michael Burdiek said in a news release.

“For decades we have provided vehicle owners peace of mind and we continue to expand on our value proposition with compelling services,” Burdiek continued. “Whether collaborating directly with local law enforcement to locate a stolen vehicle or coordinating with emergency response personnel to provide crash assistance, we have the right LoJack service for all drivers nationwide.”