Finance companies want to know their collateral is insured properly. Cox Automotive and Canopy Connect are collaborating to help with that delivery element.

On Tuesday, Cox Automotive announced a new collaboration with Canopy Connect to embed insurance verification and servicing capabilities into Cox Automotive’s Ecommerce solution.

The intended result is an enhancement to the online car-buying experience for consumers and dealerships.

Cox Automotive Ecommerce is designed to provides a fully automated and online consumer car buying experience. Through automation and artificial intelligence capabilities, the companies said the collaboration will improve upon the traditional deal process while delivering increased efficiency and fraud prevention measures that benefit both car shopper and dealership.

“We set out to build an end-to-end online car buying platform and knew that insurance verification was a key part of the F&I process that was missing,” said Paulo da Silva, vice president of operations for Ecommerce at Cox Automotive.

“We worked with Canopy Connect’s technology and team to bridge that step so our dealer partners can create a trusted and comfortable environment for online transactions with their consumers,” da Silva continued.

Approximately 70% of car shoppers engage in some form of ID verification during their shopping experience, according to Cox Automotive Ecommerce Platform Analytics.

Executives said that integrating Canopy Connect’s insurance verification and servicing technology builds on Cox’s vision to transform the auto retail transaction, making it more convenient for consumers to verify their insurance and reducing risk of fraud for automotive dealers.

“Canopy Connect’s technology helps Cox Automotive Ecommerce realize its vision for an end-to-end online car buying experience,” Canopy Connect founder and CEO Tolga Tezel said. “We look forward to further integrations with Cox Automotives’ portfolio of products to add insurance verification and servicing capabilities.”

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