In a nod to the old cliché of “knowledge is power,” CUDL published a new digital book this week that explains how credit union financing can help dealerships sell more vehicles during challenging economic times.

Officials from CUDL — the Origence brand representing their credit union financing network — highlighted that the digital book titled, Driving Dealer Vehicle Sales Through Credit Union Financing, has six components, including:

—Managing new market realities and financial challenges: Details about how dealerships can cultivate a diverse provider portfolio to address current economic conditions affecting financing options.

—Strengthening relationships to foster better customer experiences: Recommendations about how to navigate the highly competitive and evolving environment with the power of financing partnerships.

—Top seven benefits of credit union partnerships

—Meeting the demands of used-vehicle buyers: Strategies to growing used-vehicle sales and placing more buyers in affordable vehicles.

—How credit union financing benefits car shoppers: Insight into how buyers benefit from credit union rates and terms, making new or used vehicles purchases accessible and affordable.

The CUDL advantage: How a relationship with the CUDL network of credit unions can be beneficial.

“Today’s budget-conscious car buyer needs every incremental savings they can get,” said Jay Carstens, senior vice president of client experience for Origence. “Leveraging the advantages of CUDL and its network of credit union lenders, vehicles become more within reach and cost-effective for buyers.

“Plus, tools such as AutoSMART contribute to providing dealerships with added opportunities to expand their inventory exposure to in-market credit union members across the country,” Carstens continued.

The digital book can be downloaded via this website.