This week, Lisa Ginter, chair of the board of Credit Union National Association (CUNA), along with Gary Grinnell, chair of the board of the National Association of Federally-Insured Credit Unions (NAFCU), announced 15 members who will serve on America’s Credit Unions’ transition board of directors, should members vote in favor of the merger initially revealed last week.

According to a news release, this 16-person board will include current board members from both CUNA and NAFCU, including members of each board’s executive committee, and Jim Nussle, who will serve as the new association’s CEO.

Brian Schools, who is president and CEO of Chartway Federal Credit Union and current vice chair for NAFCU, will lead the charge as the association’s first chair.

“I am honored to be at the forefront of a vote for a historic merger where CUNA’s and NAFCU’s collective influence will prove to be a powerful force when advocating with regulators and lawmakers from all levels of government,” Schools said.

“I am confident that we will continue to provide innovative, collaborative, and aggressive advocacy to bring victories for our credit union members and ensure the industry’s best days are ahead of us,” he continued.

Serving side by side with Schools as executive committee members of the proposed board are Ginter, who also is CEO of Community America Credit Union, treasurer Patrick Pierce, who also is CEO of City and County Credit Union, and secretary Karen Harbin, who also is president and CEO of Commonwealth Credit Union.

In addition to the executive committee, the remaining proposed board roster includes:

—Lonnie Nicholson, president/CEO of Educational Employees Credit Union

—Nader Moghaddam, president/CEO of Financial Partners Credit Union

—Jeff Olson, president/CEO of Dakota Credit Union Association

—Gary Grinnell, president/CEO of Corning Federal Credit Union

—Lori Herrick, president/CEO of Manchester Municipal Federal Credit Union

—Scott Simpson, president/CEO of Utah Credit Union Association

—Melanie Kennedy, president of Southwest Financial Federal Credit Union

—Keith Sultemeier, president/CEO of Kinecta Federal Credit Union

—Brian Best, CEO of GTE Financial Credit Union

—Jim Morrell, president/CEO of Peninsula Community Federal Credit Union

—Amy Sink, CEO of Interra Credit Union