One of last year’s Emerging 8 honorees is set to operate with a new name.

On Tuesday, DealerPolicy announced a rebranding and insurance agency name change to Polly in an effort to better engage consumer audiences.

The insurance marketplace for automotive retail said the name change will take effect on March 2.

Polly’s existing suite of technology solutions designed for use by dealers will continue to be accessible via a web interface or smartphone application called “Polly for Dealers,” which can be downloaded at The App Store or Google Play.

Leadership highlighted that Polly is about to open a new chapter for the seven-year-old company, which has grown exponentially and is now serving vehicle buyers in more than 1,200 dealers nationwide, including a growing number of top 150 dealership groups.

Polly plans to further expand its insurance marketplace for automotive retail which continues to create tangible insurance savings opportunities for hundreds of thousands of shoppers each year.

“We’ll be forever grateful to have started our journey as DealerPolicy, but looking ahead, it is time we align our brand with the unwavering commitment we have to our customers,” co-founder and chief executive officer Travis Fitzgerald said.

“The name Polly represents the amazing coalition of support we’ve established across dealers, partners and industries, in addition to the ever-increasing value and convenience we’re able to bring to consumers,” Fitzgerald continued.

Executives explained that the new Polly brand emphasizes the company’s pledge to modernize the process of buying a vehicle, making it faster, easier, more affordable and better protected — complete with insurance from trusted carriers.

“The timing of the Polly rebrand aligns nicely with increased consumer demand for more personalized insurance solutions,” said Jeff Mongeon, co-founder and chief insurance officer of Polly Insurance Agency.

Polly mentioned the name change also creates a unique opportunity for select dealers to co-brand.

Driven by dealer demand, Polly now affords licensed dealers the ability to provide a white-label version of the Polly platform to their customers, creating increased touch points, greater brand affinity, and improved profitability.

“Our belief is that a more friendly, approachable, and memorable brand, logo and accompanying marketing tone will prove to be more inviting to consumers, leading to improved loyalty and customer retention,” Fitzgerald said.

“Polly reflects our humble beginnings, but better embodies who we aspire to be, and it’s a brand that we’re confident will better carry our valued carriers, dealers, users and customers into the future,” he went on to say.

Prompting Emerging 8 recognition a year ago, Polly allows customers to bundle auto insurance with their vehicle purchase, providing what’s designed to be a streamlined buying experience that can complete the retailing process and generate customer savings.

On average, Polly said its customers who report savings have saved $64 per month on their automotive insurance.

The company said these savings can empower customers to reinvest in additional F&I products offered by dealerships. Dealers in the Polly network report an average back-end gross increase of 44%.

Polly will debut at the NADA Show 2022 in Las Vegas in the North Hall, Booth No. 7009, from March 11-13.

And the next cohort of Emerging 8 honorees will be highlighted during the Auto Intel Summit, which is set for April 12-14 in Raleigh, N.C. The Auto Intel Summit designed to answer the question of “what’s next” regarding technology impacting how vehicles are wholesaled, retailed and financed.

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