Deloitte and ServiceNow, a cloud-based provider of digital workflows, recently signed a new strategic agreement to accelerate organizations’ enterprise digital transformation.

Officials highlighted that Deloitte and ServiceNow plan to jointly develop, coordinate and bring to market new products, assets and solutions built on the Now Platform to help clients deliver seamless digital experiences across the enterprise, improve workflows and enhance productivity.

“We’re excited to take our relationship with ServiceNow to a whole new level,” Deloitte Consulting chair and chief executive officer Janet Foutty said. “This collaboration will pair Deloitte’s business process transformation, organizational change management and technology implementation expertise with ServiceNow’s platform to create new enterprise solutions that help drive every part of our clients’ digital transformation efforts.”

ServiceNow president and CEO John Donahoe added, “Embracing cloud-based solutions to deliver great experiences and unlock productivity is a business imperative for every organization today. “Together, Deloitte and ServiceNow will help organizations accelerate their digital transformation journey and create business value at scale with innovative enterprise products, assets and solutions.”

In addition to new technology offerings, the companies noted that clients will have greater access to Deloitte’s IP and accelerators — best practices to deliver projects more efficiently — in an effort to improve processes, revenue, retention and productivity. The initial priority industry sectors include but are not limited to government and public services, telecommunications, media and high tech, life sciences, banking, energy, healthcare and manufacturing.

The companies went on to mention the products, assets and solutions produced from this joint engagement will also harness the power of business ecosystems by collaborating with other technology and service providers to accelerate innovation and growth in strategic, creative, agile and adaptive new ways. DeloitteASSIST, a voice-enabled technology transforming patient communication for hospitals, is one example of the type of asset stemming from Deloitte’s ecosystem collaboration with ServiceNow and one of the world’s most popular virtual assistant providers.

As part of this agreement, Deloitte will serve as the lead launch partner for ServiceNow’s Finance Operations Management product. Over time, the company indicated finance operations management will include a variety of applications supporting digital workflows across the finance organization.

The first application, Finance Close Automation, will be previewed at Knowledge 2019 and is a natural extension of ServiceNow’s workflows and platform capabilities. Finance Close Automation can help finance and accounting teams digitize their workflows to reduce finance close risk, improve team satisfaction and accelerate the finance close process.

PayPal, a global technology platform and digital payments leader, is an early adopter of the Finance Close Automation application and has already seen positive results.

“The ServiceNow Finance Close Automation app is an innovative new solution that brings together all aspects of the finance close process, enabling simplification, transparency, better controls and greater efficiency,” said Aaron Anderson, PayPal’s chief accounting officer and vice president. “With its entry into the finance arena, we believe ServiceNow will make a meaningful impact on finance departments across industries.”

Dejan Slokar, a partner at Deloitte and global ServiceNow alliance leader, closed with this point.

“This joint agreement builds upon a great foundation of success with ServiceNow and is poised to deliver innovative, new solutions that help our clients reimagine the flow of work throughout the enterprise,” Slokar said. “Whether you’re an employee, a customer or supplier we’re creating an easier, more enjoyable, more connected human experience to enhance the flow of work.”

Visit this website for more information on Deloitte’s relationship with ServiceNow.