Whether you’re selling cars or cantaloupes, often the first question your potential customer is asking for is the specific cost of the item.

To help pinpoint that answer for automotive retailers when it comes to insurance, DealerPolicy on Thursday announced the launch of FastPass, a mobile experience that is designed to deliver instant, personalized insurance quotes to car buyers that are supposed to bring multiple benefits to both the customer and dealer.

FastPass can allow access to real-time competitive and personalized quotes from their mobile phones, allowing dealers to offer a seamless buying experience to their customers.

When customers save money on their insurance, DealerPolicy sees it as a real opportunity to reinvest that savings back into a dealership’s products and services.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to be bringing FastPass to market,” DealerPolicy chief executive officer Travis Fitzgerald said in a news release.

“FastPass presents our customers with a plethora of real-time insurance quotes and a first-of-its-kind Amazon-like experience for personal insurance. All of this is done at the precise point in time when it matters, right before entering the F&I office, and without increasing wait times at the dealership,” Fitzgerald continued.

FastPass can be accessed conveniently via mobile phone either at the dealership or from home and presents buyers with more comprehensive pricing and coverage options associated with their new and existing vehicles.

The average DealerPolicy insurance customer who saves money gains an average of $63 per month back into their budget, which can assist with making the vehicle purchase more affordable.

Dealers report an average increase of 34% in their back-end gross for deals where the customer also purchased an insurance policy through DealerPolicy Insurance.

Joseph Peoples, a salesperson at a dealership in North Carolina currently in the DealerPolicy network had this assessment of the tool: “FastPass just makes sense when interacting with my customers. It is very easy to understand and my customers find it easy to navigate on their own.”

The FastPass application is designed to be simple and intuitive to take just minutes to complete by leveraging DealerPolicy’s proprietary one-touch questionnaire and a robust aggregation of pre-fill solutions from leading data providers. Customers confirm a few details and FastPass instantly can pre-fill the rest, eliminating the need to complete lengthy forms.

Fueled by the J.D. Power Intelligent Match platform, quotes in FastPass are delivered with a score based on each customer’s personal preferences, allowing for a customized experience that factors in specific insurance needs as well as accurate price comparisons.

FastPass is available by going to this website.