Perhaps as exciting for dealerships as when customers walk into the showroom and service drive is the point when those individuals get set to pay for whatever has just been provided.

This week, DigniFi, a fintech company specializing in automotive repair financing, announced a partnership with Dealer Pay, which provides payments and point-of-sale solutions for dealerships.

DigniFi and Dealer Pay said the partnership will leverage the strengths of both companies to create a “seamless and comprehensive” payments and financing ecosystem for auto, truck, and motorsports customers.

This collaboration is meant to empower dealerships to offer financing options not only for repairs and maintenance but also for parts and accessory purchases, vehicle service contracts and more.

Key benefits of the DigniFi and Dealer Pay partnership include:

—Streamlined financing: Customers will have access to hassle-free financing and payment options for a wide range of automotive needs. The access to financing capabilities through the DigniFi integration with Dealer Pay’s payment technology will provide a unified experience that enhances customer convenience.

—Enhanced customer experience: The partnership will focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences by simplifying the financing process and ensuring transparency. This will build trust and loyalty among both dealerships and vehicle owners.

—Empowering dealerships: DigniFi’s finance options, funded by WebBank, integrated with Dealer Pay’s advanced payment platform can enable dealerships to provide a one-stop solution for customers’ financial needs, giving customers a variety of payment options, providing flexibility for customers and driving business growth.

—Digital transformation: By combining forces, DigniFi and Dealer Pay plan to deliver technology that can provide both convenience and security, with the intention “setting new standards” for how customers interact with dealerships and manage their automotive expenses.

Leaders from both DigniFi and Dealer Pay are excited about the potential impact of this partnership.

“We believe that this collaboration will reshape the way customers engage with automotive dealerships,” DigniFi CEO Neeraj Mehta said.

Dealer Pay President Julie Douglas added, “By merging our expertise in payment acceptance technologies with financing, we are creating a comprehensive solution that will elevate the industry as a whole.”

The partnership is already in motion, with joint teams working to integrate access to financing through DigniFi’s financing capabilities and Dealer Pay’s point-of-sale technology.

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