Informativ rolled out its newest tool this week to help its client base of more than 7,000 dealers and other businesses that utilize its credit-focused lead generation, credit reporting and compliance solutions.

The company introduced CreditDriver, which can allow consumers to start the car-buying experience on their mobile device.

Informativ highlighted CreditDriver is exclusively powered by Equifax for soft pull credit data.

CreditDriver is designed to offer a mobile-first pre-qualification experience that Informativ said can lead to 30% higher conversion rates compared to website prequalification.

After an individual opts in by scanning a QR code, information is collected and provided to the dealership, including the lead source.

The solution includes the option for consumers to get prequalified for credit to see their buying potential through a soft pull credit report.

“The automotive landscape today is increasingly competitive,” said Lena Bourgeois, general manager of automotive services for Equifax. “Automotive dealers must continually evolve and find better ways to enhance the consumer’s experience by understanding their preferences.

“By partnering with Informativ, dealers have access to valuable insights on consumer financial health to help make better decisions, and in the end help consumers seeking to finance a vehicle,” Bourgeois continued.

CreditDriver can deliver this enriched lead data to enhance a dealership’s current sales process through integrations with automotive CRMs as well as Informativ’s compliance technology platform, Dealer Safeguard Solutions.

“Offering consumers a truly mobile experience to get prequalified, without any impact on their credit, and then ensuring that data is validated before the dealership receives it, greatly improves the lead generation process and the experience for both the customer and the dealership,” said Michael Byrd, senior vice president of sales at Informativ.

“Additionally, our technology creates an FTC-compliant digital deal jacket to ensure the consumer’s information and the dealership are protected,” Byrd added.

Informativ mentioned dealers can also watch an on-demand webinar on soft pull best practices and the benefits to the customer experience. It’s available via this website.