A move by a captive in the powersports sector appears similar to what many finance companies might already do with cars and trucks.

On Tuesday, Harley-Davidson Financial Services launched a program the company said is like a lease. The captive said Harley-Davidson Flex Financing combines the benefits of attractive monthly payments, shorter terms and greater flexibility with the ability to return the motorcycle at the end of term.

According to a news release, consumers who use Harley-Davidson Flex Financing can:

—Pay off the current motorcycle to own it outright

—Trade it in pending acceptance from a Harley-Davidson dealership

—Refinance the unit through a process pending credit approval

—Return it to an authorized dealership at the end of term that would trigger a return fee up to $395, along with excess wear, mileage and other charges that may apply.

Harley-Davidson acknowledged some motorcycles may be ineligible for return due to excess wear and tear, excessive modifications, or other conditions.

“H-D Flex puts customers at the forefront of our products, experiences, and investments. It provides them another innovative financing option to make H-D motorcycle ownership fit their individual budget and lifestyle,” the company said.