A former executive vice president of Toyota recently was invited to join the board of Cyber Security Cloud (CSC), which provides web application security services worldwide using leading cyber threat intelligence and artificial intelligence.

CSC highlighted that it brought Yoshio Ishizaka to join its board of directors in order to further improve services and contribute to the information revolution. By doing so, CSC plans “to work harder than ever” to strengthen its governance and provide its customers with services that help create a secure cyberspace, not only in Japan, but also around the world.

After serving as president of Toyota Motor Sales USA, Ishizaka was appointed as executive vice president of Toyota Motor Corp. in 2001. He led the overseas development of Toyota, including the launch of Lexus.

After serving as an adviser to the Toyota board and as a senior adviser at Roland Berger since 2008, he was awarded the Blue Ribbon Medal of Honor in 2011. He is also the author of The Toyota Way in Sales and Marketing.

In recent years, CSC pointed out the number of cyber-attacks is on the rise and the threat of cyber-attacks on enterprises has become a serious issue with direct implications on business risk. Against this backdrop, CSC looks to provides web application security services that leverage world-leading cyber threat intelligence and AI technology.

“It is a great pleasure to welcome Mr. Yoshio Ishizaka, a leading figure in the global automotive industry, to join our team as an outside director of our company Cyber Security Cloud president and chief executive officer Hikaru Ohno said in a news release.

“We are confident that he will be able to provide us with useful advice on our products and global business expansion based on his management skills and knowledge of overseas operations cultivated at Toyota Motor Corporation,” Ohno continued. “In addition, Mr. Ishizaka's appointment will further strengthen the company’s governance and enable it to provide even higher quality services as a listed company.

Ishizaka offered his perspective on why he joined CSC’s board.

“I am pleased to be appointed as an outside director of Cyber Security Cloud. As IoT, 5G, and the Internet becomes indispensable in our lives, we are also becoming more and more familiar with the dangers of the Internet,” Ishizaka said.

“In response to the increasing cyber-attacks around the world in recent years, I decided to take up this position because I strongly empathize with the Cyber Security Cloud's philosophy of creating a secure cyberspace that people around the world can use safely,” he continued.

“In the future, I would like to make use of the experience I have gained at Toyota to contribute to the further growth of the Cyber Security Cloud, which was listed on the stock exchange on March 26 and to the preservation of an Internet environment that customers can use with a peace of mind,” Ishizaka went on to say.