NETSOL Technologies recently made major updates to its digital retail and mobility technology platform, Otoz. The company also highlighted how the moves are helping two key automotive clients: MINI USA and AutoNation.

In the wake of evolving market demands for flexible vehicle usage, Otoz 2.0 supports AutoNation Mobility in spearheading the shift toward micro-leasing.

NETSOL indicated Otoz 2.0 is leveraged for back-end, operational processes and integrated with AutoNation Mobility’s customer facing micro-lease marketplace. This service can allow customers to navigate through the process of vehicle selection, deal configuration, and transaction finalization with ease and transparency.

AutoNation’s micro-lease marketplace is currently available in California and Florida, with plans for further expansion.

The company explained Otoz 2.0 is powered by the robust, API-first ecosystem of NETSOL’s AppexNow marketplace, built with a headless architecture and flexible backend design that allows for seamless updates and integration, providing a highly customizable and modular experience.

NETSOL pointed out the comprehensive suite of functionalities within Otoz 2.0 are designed to streamline customer onboarding, service workflows, vehicle delivery and return processes. These features are vital for facilitating interactions among AutoNation Mobility’s operations team, dealers, and customers, thereby guaranteeing an exceptional customer experience.

“Our strategic alliance with NETSOL and the integration of the Otoz platform align perfectly with our goals for innovation and market entry,” said Ivan Mihov, vice president of mobility at AutoNation Mobility.

“The swift launch of AutoNation Mobility, a mere six months into our collaboration, highlights our shared commitment to continual innovation and prioritizing customer needs,” Mihov continued in a news release from NETSOL.

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Technology relationship of NETSOL and MINI

Meanwhile on an automaker level, MINI USA’s digital retail program — MINI Anywhere — has been powered by NETSOL’s Otoz technology since its debut in June 2021.

Designed to be more than a sophisticated lead generator, MINI Anywhere offers MINI dealers an omnichannel, end-to-end sales platform while delivering customers a seamless yet comprehensive shopping experience. From payment options aligned with MINI Financial Services programs to trade-ins, MINI F&I options, streamlined credit approvals, digital contracts, and delivery schedules, NETSOL said every aspect has been designed with convenience in mind.

In the last 12 months, executives said the program has more than doubled dealer enrollments now active across nearly two-thirds of the MINI USA dealership network, enabling a five-fold increase of lead volume and vehicle sales, and a 20% lead conversion rate on average.

“In May 2021, MINI USA and MINI Financial Services set out to build a digital retail tool that could handle credit decisioning, eContracting and eSignature to allow end-to-end transactions,” said Patrick McKenna, the department head of marketing, product and strategy at MINI USA.

“For the past three years, major automotive forums in the industry have recognized MINI Anywhere as one of the top ranked OEM digital retail tools in the competitive luxury space. We are extremely proud of MINI Anywhere, the team at NETSOL Technologies, and want to thank our dealer partners for such an achievement,” McKenna continued in the news release from NETSOL.

More background about Otoz 2.0

As mentioned, NETSOL recently rolled out several major updates to Otoz 2.0, which is designed to be white-label solution tailored for leading automotive industry stakeholders including OEMs, dealerships, finance providers and startups.

Geared for deep integration within distinct internal ecosystems, Otoz can facilitate e-commerce experiences that are meant to be fully aligned with clients’ unique brand requirements.

“With cutting-edge technology, user-centric design, and data-driven strategies, Otoz is redefining customer engagement in the automotive realm,” NETSOL said.

NETSOL acknowledged its goal to deliver a seamless, end-to-end purchasing journey and manage asset and contract lifecycles particularly for mobility business models — from real-time pricing and meticulous tax computations to digital e-contracting — presents various challenges.

NETSOL said Otoz can address various complexities, establishing key integrations with crucial third-party services, ranging from inventory and CRM systems to identity safeguards, fraud monitoring, comprehensive lender APIs, tax services, F&I product aggregators and payment gateways.

“With the end customer in focus, Otoz’s synergy with these third parties and its strategic placement of deal checkpoints expedite vehicle and deal verifications for dealers,” NETSOL said. “This ensures a secure and profitable digital sales channel that transcends traditional lead generation.”

NETSOL is set to expand its offerings with the upcoming phased launch of Otoz 2.0 over the next year.

At the forefront of this advancement is the debut of an API-first product ecosystem, Appex Now. It’s NETSOL’s marketplace offering that caters to the global finance industry with turnkey API-first solutions.

Through Appex Now’s Hubex API product, collaborations with major dealer management systems (DMS) providers, customer relationship management systems (CRMs), and finance drivers are now available.

NETSOL The modular and headless architecture of Otoz 2.0 will empower partners to rearrange process flows and innovate without implementing code modifications.

The company added the Otoz dashboard for dealers and administrators also will undergo substantial enhancements. These new integrations will be further enriched by advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning models to optimize customer interactions and gain predictive insights.

“The vision is to provide dealers with a holistic omnichannel tool for both digital and in-person transactions, minimizing reliance on auxiliary dealer systems, and creating efficiencies through fewer screens,” NETSOL said. “Emphasis will also be placed on curating personalized and intuitive F&I upselling opportunities.”

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