Machines might be handling more queries from auto finance company customers with potential results that human representatives continually strive to reach but perhaps fall a little short.

One of the experts who spoke during the International Auto Finance Network Conference hosted by White Clarke Group back in January described how this approach uses artificial intelligence to transform the way companies handle customer service calls and to improve satisfaction and build loyalty.

Benji Stone, customer success lead at Digital Genius, outlined how AI can help customer service operations, using statistical software that can ingest huge amounts of historical data.

“You can either have AI trying to replace your staff, and trying to completely take away the human work, or you can have the AI trying to augment your staff, trying to aid your staff and make them more efficient,” Stone said.

“It’s kind of like the difference between the Terminator and Iron Man. The Terminator takes over the job; Iron Man kind of augments it,” Stone continues in this video available here and at the top of this page.