Mezu, a mobile payments app that can enable users to pay and get paid by anyone anywhere for anything without sharing any personal information, recently announced that it has promoted Luis Trujillo to the role of chief compliance and risk officer.

Trujillo is the first person to fill this role at Mezu and will report directly to Mezu’s board of directors.

Trujillo will be responsible for furthering Mezu’s U.S. compliance and risk program as well as expanding the company’s presence internationally.

Since he joined Mezu in 2017, Trujillo has been instrumental in establishing the company’s anti-money laundering compliance and fraud prevention program, which includes real-time identity verification, including:

— Biometrics technology
— Real-time transaction monitoring systems
— Real-time know your customer (KYC) for streamlined customer onboarding
— Establishing licenses and registrations for the company in the U.S. and Canada.

“Luis has been a critical leader in our team since he joined Mezu,” Mezu co-founder and chief executive officer Yuval Brisker said in a news release. “We understood very quickly that in the fintech industry, building and running a world-class and thoughtful compliance and risk program is essential in establishing credibility and growing the business, especially one like ours that has global ambitions.

“Luis has led every effort to establish Mezu as a leader in the fintech world to be recognized and reckoned with throughout. In his new role, Luis, a formidable and respected authority in the field, will play an even more central role in helping Mezu realize its global ambitions,” Brisker continued.

Trujillo has more than a decade of experience in the payments industry and previously held senior leadership roles in a number of fintech companies and consulting firms.

Trujillo is a former government regulator and member of the Money Transmitters Regulatory Association, where he collaborated with federal and state regulatory agencies, working closely on the supervision of fintech, money transmission, and payments companies.

“I’ve been a firm believer in Mezu’s vision since day one and look forward to playing a leading role in expanding our company’s footprint in the U.S. and internationally by establishing a culture of compliance and sound practices across our global organization.” Trujillo said.