Blockware Solutions (BWS), an industry leader in blockchain infrastructure and Bitcoin mining, released a new report last from its propriety research arm, Blockware Intelligence, titled Bitcoin User Adoption.

Orchestrated by lead insights analyst Will Clemente, this new report seeks to apply the historic S-Curve adoption pattern of technology and on-chain entity metrics to forecast the adoption of Bitcoin.

According to a news release, the report found that Bitcoin adoption will occur faster than the adoption of past technologies. The report highlighted that as more users join the Bitcoin network, the value of the network will increase.

Bitcoin User Adoption also dives into:

— How Bitcoin will hit at least a billion users, following milestones for user adoption.

— How global Bitcoin adoption should hit 10% around the year 2030 based on past technology adoption curves.

— How the network effect of Bitcoin, with each user making Bitcoin more valuable, is proven mathematically with on-chain data.

— How the number of entities on the Bitcoin network is growing exponentially.

Blockware Solutions publishes proprietary research through its research arm Blockware Intelligence, which includes the research team of Clemente along with:

— Mitchell Askew, social media associate

— Joe Burnett, mining analyst

— Warren Rogers, chief financial officer

— Sam Chwarzynski, chief information officer and head of research

— Blake Davis, equity analyst

— Mason Jappa, chief executive officer

The report can be found via this website.