PaymentVision doesn’t want businesses of all stripes to forget that sometimes consumers still want to pay their bills with cash.

The payment processing solutions provider launched a campaign urging billers across industries to embrace the importance of consumer choice by incorporating pay by cash walk-in payment options into their regular billing methods.

PaymentVision said businesses can enhance customer satisfaction while fostering a more inclusive payment environment.

The “Power of Pay Choice” campaign by PaymentVision aims to highlight the benefits of offering “Pay by Cash” options and encourage businesses that routinely bill their customers to adopt this customer-centric approach.

The company outlined its campaign objectives, including:

— Empower consumers: PaymentVision believes in empowering consumers by giving them the freedom to pay their bills the way they prefer, whether it’s through digital channels or traditional methods like cash payments.

— Enhance customer satisfaction: By offering “Pay by Cash” options, businesses can provide an inclusive payment experience that caters to a wide range of preferences, boosting customer satisfaction.

— Promote inclusivity: The campaign underscores the importance of inclusivity in payment methods, acknowledging that not all customers have access to or feel comfortable using digital payment platforms.

— Advocate for customer rights: PaymentVision believes that offering diverse payment options is not only a business advantage but also a commitment to respecting customer rights to choose how they manage their finances.

“We firmly believe that businesses have a responsibility to adapt to the evolving needs of their customers,” PaymentVision CEO Rob Pollin said in a news release. “Our ‘Power of Pay Choice’ campaign aligns with our mission to provide innovative payment solutions that prioritize customer satisfaction while staying true to the principles of inclusivity and respect for individual preferences.”