Global financial technology company Sopra Banking Software (SBS) wants a great presence in the U.S. auto market.

Last week, SBS announced plans to expand its work with automotive companies in the U.S. The company currently works in more than 50 countries with manufacturers including Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, BMW, Nissan and Volvo, as well as banks and independent lenders like Santander, TD Auto Finance, Lloyd’s Bank and Standard Bank, who finance their dealership fleets.

SBS is now making the technology used by these companies available to auto manufacturers and finance companies stateside so they can digitize the outdated process of providing financing to dealerships.

As a result, SBS said dealerships will be able to bring more inventory to market faster and eliminate inefficiencies that limit them from competing with digital-first buying formats.

Using the Sopra Financing Platform (SFP), the company said auto manufacturers and finance companies in the U.S. can digitize their wholesale asset lending offerings or take a components-based approach to transforming the way they audit inventory, determine risk, assign credit, and offset depreciating value of un-purchased vehicles and assets.

Made up of SFP Wholesale, SFP Digital Audit and SFP Credit & Risk, the Sopra Financing Platform can transform manual processes into digital-first, cloud-based functionalities, so that automotive manufacturers and finance companies can:

—Introduce new revenue streams

—Future-proof lending operations

—Virtually audit vehicle inventory

“It’s no secret that the traditional wholesale lending model needs to evolve, but it’s more than simply digitizing processes—lenders need to create a more efficient and effective process behind every single wholesale loan,” said James Powell, head of specialized finance at Sopra Banking Software. “SBS is powering both established and new lenders to digitally transform their processes and drive efficiencies within the business. We’re looking forward to extending our reach to do this in the U.S.”