Teledata Communications (TCI) and Dealertrack began their week by enhancing their relationship.

TCI, a leading provider of loan origination solutions for credit unions, banks and finance companies, has expanded its partnership with Dealertrack to enable its network of lenders to increase the speed, accuracy and efficiency of their automotive paper contract processing and funding operation by turning it completely digital.

According to a news release distributed on Monday, this expanded partnership integrates TCI’s DecisionLender 4 loan origination system (LOS) with Dealertrack’s Digital Document Services to enable expedited funding. TCI and Dealerstrack said their arrangement can replace what they called finance companies’ time-consuming paper processing operation with a consistent, streamlined digital workflow that is designed to guarantee same-day turnaround and 99% data accuracy for all funding packages received each day.

With financing continuing to significantly outweigh cash sales at dealerships — and according to data from Experian 85% of new-car buyers and more than half of used-car buyers finance their purchase — TCI insisted this new integration in DecisionLender 4 can enable a solid and fully paperless digital contracting solution for all of TCI’s auto finance clients, helping them expedite funding, keeping their own operational costs in check, and enhancing their dealer relationships by supporting their free cash flow need.

“Through our long-standing partnership with Dealertrack, which enables real-time auto loan decisions for our lender clients, we view this expanded integration to digitize contract packages as the next evolution in our lenders’ best-in-class dealer service journey,” TCI president and founder Bill Nass said. “Dealers want lenders funding contracts as fast as possible. By taking all paper funding packages to a same-day turnaround digital delivery model — no matter the volume — this integration allows our lenders to do just that.

“When lenders adopt the paper-to-digital process, they see complete contract data needed to approve the loan in their LOS, and dealers see contracts approved and funded faster, which keeps their free cash flowing,” Nass continued.

Todd Hutto, associate vice president of operations for Dealertrack Digital Document Services, added, “At Dealertrack, we’re continuously working to expand our partnerships with lender platforms to ensure all lenders have the resources they need to drive greater funding efficiency and strong dealer relationships.

“Through our latest integration with TCI, more lenders can optimize their business operations and put more time toward what matters most — funding loans and maximizing profit,” Hutto went on to say.

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