Credit union members in one of Ohio’s largest cities now can take advantage of what truPayments is geared to deliver.

The financial technology company announced on Tuesday that it has teamed up with Kemba Credit Union to offer its members a vehicle-buying benefit, tru Shop-by-Payment, through the Kemba Member Auto Center website.

The company explained the tru Shop-by-Payment is designed to be a unique personalized shopping experience, which can connect the right inventory and financing options to each customer based on their unique preferences and profile (including real credit).

“They’ll discover vehicles they didn’t know they could afford or a payment they didn’t know they could get,” truPayments said in a news release.

By transforming and personalizing the shopping experience, tru Shop-by-Payment can engage, surprises and delight customers — accelerating their movement through the vehicle shopping and buying process.

Visiting the Kemba Member Auto Center can provide credit union members with a personalized shopping experience, which quickly connects them to the right inventory and financing options based on their buying preferences across thousands of vehicles from participating new- and used-car dealers.

“We’re very pleased to introduce tru Shop-by-Payment as a member benefit to our more than 100,000 members,” said Dennis Wander, dealer relations manager at Kemba Credit Union, which is based in Cincinnati. “truPayments is a welcomed addition to our Member Auto Center which gives our members everything they need to find the right car at an affordable monthly payment.”

The Kemba Member Auto Center offers credit union members valuable tools to assist them with the car buying process, and tru Shop-by-Payment is one example. Members also have access to special pricing on thousands of new and used vehicles, car buying tips, plus trade tools fueled by NADA Valuation Services.