Without a functioning ignition system, a car’s engine likely won’t start and run properly.

Well, without IGNITION — the new dealer compliance certification program recently unveiled by Ignite Consulting Partners — the firm’s experts think that a store or dealership group won’t operate properly, either, without a functioning system to adhere to expanding state and federal regulations.

With the backdrop of the Federal Trade Commission intensifying its regulatory efforts on dealers, Ignite spelled out the 12 primary components of IGNITION, including:

—Quarterly compliance meetings

—Website review

—Advertising review

—Transaction document review

—Letter review: collection, right to cure (if applicable), post repossession, deficiency balance

—Compliance policy review

—Compliance management system review

—Complaint management


—Credit reporting analysis

—Summary report

—Dedicated project manager

“The is a comprehensive initiative designed specifically for dealerships, aimed at showcasing their commitment to full-spectrum business compliance. It’s an in-depth, structured program that not only assesses but also celebrates dealerships’ adherence to the highest standards of operational integrity and regulatory compliance,” Ignite said.

“In response to a growing demand from dealerships seeking to validate their ethical business practices, this program was born. It serves as a formal acknowledgment of their unwavering dedication to conducting business transparently and ethically, setting a benchmark for excellence in the automotive industry,” the firm continued.

Ignite pointed out what it contends is a “significant advantage” IGNITION can give dealerships over other stores.

“It serves as a powerful testament to their compliance efforts, enhancing their reputation among the public, regulators, and legal entities,” Ignite said. “Furthermore, it bolsters credibility with financial institutions and capital providers, facilitating better business opportunities. Certified dealers stand out as industry leaders committed to upholding the highest standards of business conduct.”

Steve Levine, an owner and chief legal and compliance officer of Ignite Consulting Partners, added that dealer feedback was crucial in forming IGNITION and the certification program components.

“It’s rigorous, yes, but for a purpose. Upon meeting our exacting criteria, dealers will be awarded certification — a significant mark of distinction,” Levine said. “Let’s embark on this journey together, elevating standards and achieving excellence in compliance across our network.”

To begin that journey, send a message to info@IgniteCP.com or go to the firm’s website at https://www.ignitecp.com/.