Just before Memorial Day weekend, Konnect GPS announced the launch of a new, updated version of its magnetic GPS tracker.

Konnect GPS said it can monitor a vehicle as well as other business assets because, unlike Bluetooth-enabled Apple Air Tags or Tile Mates, the company said its waterproof, mini wireless tracker is “completely undetectable by drivers and passengers.

“The tracking device is silent, small, and completely undetectable, which makes it the preferred tracker by law enforcement agencies, private investigators and small businesses,” Konnect GPS continued in a news release.

Konnect GPS highlighted its high-tech and durable magnetic GPS tracker is wireless and small. The company also offers progressive discounts based on the length of commitment.

Clients can receive a 10% discount with a six-month commitment, a 25% discount for an annual commitment, and a 50% discount for a two-year plan.

“For less than $50, you can be your own private investigator, in effect,” Konnect GPS founder and CEO Ryan Horban said in the news release. “Place the Konnect real time GPS tracker on anything you want to protect and monitor it around the clock from your phone. The ultra-powerful magnet and the device’s waterproof design makes Konnect the number one preferred wireless GPS tracker used by small businesses.

“The tracker features a superior rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which provides up to 24 days of continuous tracking on a single charge, assuming an average driving time of two hours per day,” Horban continued.

For more information visit https://konnectgps.com.