Another state and federal tax filing season closed this week unless consumers asked for an extension.

According to the latest data from the IRS, the average refund came in at just above $3,000, which could be great for buy-here, pay-here operators who are looking to turn vehicles or work with customers who might be a bit behind on payments.

In its March Industry Insights Report, Cars Commerce noticed used-car market supply increased by almost 5% year-over-year, with average retail prices softening to a 32-month low of just over $28,000, representing a 5% decrease.

After seeing shopping activity on make notable rise, Rebecca Lindland, senior director of industry data and insights at Cars Commerce, said through a news release that, “This increased activity indicates a strong consumer readiness to utilize tax refunds for vehicle purchases.”

The April 5 database update from the IRS — the latest one available — showed that the agency has given $201.117 billion in refunds to 66,799,000 filers. That averages to be $3,011 per refund, marking a 4.6% lift year-over-year.

That cash injection arrived at a great time again this year. For nearly 40% of consumers, it’s the worst of times for their personal finances rather than the best, according to the latest LendingTree survey of more than 2,000 Americans.

Furthermore, LendingTree research showed that a recession is a looming threat. Of those consumers survey earlier this year, 56% said they are worried about one hitting in the next 12 months.

“The truth is that you are better off focusing on things that you can control, such as your income and spending, than focusing on things that you can’t do anything about,” LendingTree chief credit analyst Matt Schulz said in another news release.