Latest Procon Analytics tool can centrally manage all GPS devices to enhance risk mitigation

IRVINE, Calif. - 

Auto finance companies and buy-here, pay-here dealers are seeking to adopt more advanced and scalable GPS systems for risk mitigation. But Procon Analytics acknowledged this trend brings the inefficient process of managing both new GPS systems plus old devices that use legacy embedded technology.

On Tuesday, Advantage GPS, a Procon Analytics company that can capture and translate raw data into actionable business intelligence, introduced its latest platform addition, a patent-pending All Access feature, that is designed to eliminate this issue.

The company explained All Access can allow auto finance companies and BHPH operators to view and access all GPS devices in their business portfolio via the Advantage GPS application, regardless of the GPS system provider.

Currently, Procon Analytics pointed out that it can be cumbersome for dealers and finance companies to manage devices from two or more GPS providers. While trying to avoid the hassle of learning yet another system or remembering more passwords, Procon Analytics noted that many operations remain tethered to old GPS providers who are no longer innovating and continue to use outdated technology riddled with issues.

The new patent-pending All Access feature by Advantage GPS is geared to overcome these barriers to advancement. All Access can allow auto finance companies and BHPH dealers to embrace their GPS system of choice by helping them seamlessly manage all of the GPS devices across multiple providers in their risk mitigation portfolio.

And, operations now have more flexibility, more convenience and more control over their device management process, according to David Meyer, chief operating officer of Procon Analytics.

“In a world of multiple apps and passwords, our new patent-pending All Access feature brings unprecedented convenience to customers using GPS tracking technology to manage their highrisk auto loans,” Meyer said.

“All Access allows customers to take advantage of the latest innovations available in our proprietary artificial intelligence-infused dashboard and 4G LTE platform, while simultaneously managing their entire device portfolio — regardless of brand,” he continued. “There’s only one destination for auto lenders to remember now when managing risks. It’s Advantage GPS.”

With patent-pending All Access, auto finance companies and dealerships can view vital information for all GPS provider accounts, including borrower name, address, year, make and model of vehicle purchased, VIN and serial number of devices.

All Access also can allow operations to seamlessly navigate into any vehicle record, on the fly, from the Advantage GPS application view.

“This latest feature, just like everything else we do, is about listening to customers and being nimble to solve their problems with our scalable platform that is not limited or stagnated by old technology,” Meyer said.

“Innovation and service is what customers get when they partner with Procon Analytics, the innovators in automotive telematics,” he went on to say.

Serving nearly 500 auto finance companies with more than 300,000 connections, the intelligent Advantage GPS platform utilizes innovative, connected and AI-infused technology to deliver real-time analytics upon login and the latest All Access feature.

“Advantage GPS is constantly evolving based on the automotive finance industry’s needs, technological advances, and economic drivers and legislative trends,” the company said.

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