The National Independent Automobile Dealers Association is looking to give members all the resources they need to be compliant with the state and federal regulations that oversee their retail and financing operations.

As a result, NIADA recently formed a strategic relationship with ComplyNet, a provider of compliance solutions in the automotive industry, to help independent dealers create a culture of compliance through a new compliance management system.

The NIADA CMS, powered by ComplyNet, is custom-tailored for independent dealerships of all sizes, providing the tools they need to achieve compliance and mitigate risk in the areas of sales, finance, environmental health and safety and information security.

“As an industry, it is important for auto retailers to demonstrate a culture of full compliance at the dealership level,” NIADA chief executive officer Steve Jordan said in a news release. “Trial lawyers, courts and regulators are more interested now than ever in finding dealers who miss the mark on compliance and consumer protection.

“We are confident that independent dealers who fully use the capabilities of the NIADA CMS across their employee base will be much better suited to understand and comply with the many legal and regulatory requirements of the used vehicle industry,” Jordan continued.

The association highlighted the NIADA CMS can provide role-based online training, electronic policy sign-off and other valuable resources with dynamic dashboards, allowing the dealership to continuously track compliance goals.

ComplyNet has provided compliance solutions to the automotive industry for more than 25 years, developing a cloud-based compliance management system for dealerships to achieve regulatory compliance, loss control and risk mitigation.

“NIADA’s commitment to providing affordable and easy to use compliance solutions for its members is a testament to its leadership team,” ComplyNet president and general counsel Adam Crowell said.

“We look forward to working with independent dealers to maximize their profits by reducing their risks of losses, injuries, fines and lawsuits through the compliance management system and other online and on-site services,” Crowell went on to say.

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