This week, PassTime announced the launch of Encore 4, the newest version of the asset tracking solutions provider’s Encore platform.

Now on its fourth generation, PassTime said Encore 4 marks one of the most substantial updates to the platform since it was originally launched in 2019.

The company said through a news release that Encore 4 boasts an all-new enclosure that is both IP66 and IP68 rated, making Encore 4 waterproof, dust-proof, and protected against powerful jet-spray, an essential upgrade for those using Encore to track assets in rugged or harsh environments.

PassTime noted that significant updates have also been made to Encore 4’s battery and power components.

Now, with a larger battery capacity and optimized internal power components, the company said Encore 4 boasts an even longer battery life than its predecessors: up to five years when in the platform’s Endurance Power Mode.

Additionally, PassTime mentioned Encore 4 has been optimized to work better in colder climates and has stronger overall performance for the life of the battery.

Other upgrades for the device include:

— Streamlined enclosure design featuring a new flush-fitting activation cover

— Redesigned cellular antenna that greatly enhances Encore 4’s cellular performance over prior models and provides greater connectivity in remote areas on the fringe of cellular signal availability.

— Updated GPS/GNSS antennas and module allow for greater sensitivity, signal capture, increased accuracy, and overall performance, especially in difficult conditions like dense overhead obstructions.

“This version of Encore is the most advanced one yet,” PassTime chief technology officer Todd Goodnight said in the news release. “The enhancements in Encore 4 are really quite amazing and push this device to a whole new level for our customers.

“This solution will continue to expand the asset tracking industry and provide the opportunity to locate, monitor and recover assets that would have seemed impossible before,” Goodnight said.

PassTime pointed out the Encore 4 launch comes just weeks after the company made a major feature upgrade announcement of adding the availability of geofences for all versions of Encore.