IRVINE, Calif. -

Spireon, the provider of the GoldStar GPS solution as well as other mobile resource management and business intelligence tools, completed an initial phase of the integration with Frazer's Dealer Management System.

The companies highlighted that joint customers of GoldStar GPS and Frazer can now experience online access to a single solution to execute critical commands. The integration is designed to allow dealers to execute commands directly from their Frazer application interface saving customers time and improving their ease of use.

Officials also mentioned the integration can allow dealers to monitor and take action on their collateral within their day-to-day dealer management application. 

Other key features of the initial phase of integration include the ability to conduct an on-demand locate, and disable and re-enable the starter interrupt.

"Spireon's new partnership with Frazer is another example of Spireon's ongoing quest to improve the ease of use of our solutions through key partnerships to enhance the customer experience for effective collateral management, vehicle tracking and risk mitigation," Spireon executive vice president David Meyer said.

"GoldStar GPS and Frazer users will experience a platform that will allow them to do more," Meyer continued.

Frazer is a provider of software solutions that dealers across the nation use to grow their business and increase their productivity, including its comprehensive DMS, which has functions such as dealer inventory management, credit application processing, electronic contracting, set up bank contracts and buy-here, pay-here deals, dealer management tools, loan servicing and accounting systems.

"We have watched the incredible growth of GoldStar GPS and are very excited about now offering Goldstar GPS as an integrated feature within the Frazer DMS," Frazer president Michael Frazer said. "This will make a lot of dealers' lives just a little bit easier."

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