This week, ComplyNet announced a strategic partnership with the Washington State Independent Auto Dealers Association (WSIADA) in a move aimed at streamlining compliance processes for independent stores in the Evergreen State.

In an era of increasing regulatory scrutiny and growing concern for data privacy, ComplyNet acknowledged independent dealerships face complex challenges in complying with the ever-evolving regulations, particularly those related to sales, finance and advertising and privacy and safeguards.

The collaboration between ComplyNet and WSIADA is designed to simplify these challenges by providing comprehensive compliance solutions tailored specifically for the automotive industry.

Key benefits of the partnership between ComplyNet and WSIADA include:

—Access to comprehensive compliance solutions

—Stay ahead of regulatory changes

—Network and support

Officials said the partnership between ComplyNet and WSIADA is poised to “set a new standard for compliance in the independent auto dealership sector.”

By working together, they aim to create a more compliant, secure, and customer-centric environment for dealerships throughout Washington State.

ComplyNet said it brings decades of experience and expertise in compliance management to the table, having helped “countless” businesses navigate the intricate web of regulatory requirements. Through this relationship, ComplyNet will offer its full suite of compliance services to WSIADA member dealerships.

“We are thrilled to announce this exciting partnership with the Washington State Independent Auto Dealers Association,” ComplyNet CEO Jeff McCurry said in a news release. “Our mission is to enable auto dealerships with the resources they need to simplify their unique compliance requirements and protect customer information effectively. With the WSIADA’s extensive network and industry insights, we can work together to make compliance more accessible and manageable for dealerships across Washington State.”

And through this collaboration, WSIADA aims to bolster its commitment to its member dealerships by providing them with access to ComplyNet’s reliable and industry specific compliance services.

“We understand the challenges our member dealerships face in maintaining compliance while running their businesses effectively,” WSIADA director of operations Rick Olson said. “By partnering with ComplyNet, we can equip our dealers with the tools they need to streamline compliance efforts and stay ahead of regulatory changes. This collaboration is a testament to our dedication to supporting our members’ success.”

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