3 notable improvements to GWC Warranty website


GWC Warranty introduced a new, modern and refreshed version of its website this week aimed to help dealerships sell more vehicle service contracts and related finance and insurance products.

Highlighted by a renewed design that is designed to be easy to navigate with helpful interactive content and intuitive contact tools, GWC Warranty explained its new site was revamped with dealers and their customers in mind.

Most notably, the new GWCWarranty.com boasts new tools to find a local dealer consultant, locate a nearby service facility and look up coverage, as well as a more dynamic and responsive design optimized for desktop, mobile and tablet browsing.

“At GWC, we realize that our website is heavily relied upon by our dealers and their customers across the country as a source for information about our business,” GWC chief executive officer and president Rob Glander said.

“This new website helps our online visitors more easily locate the information they need when they need it. It is a true reflection of the best-in-class service we commit to delivering each and every day,” Glander continued.

In addition to more interactive content that provides visitors a fresh look what GWC Warranty provides, users clicking through the new GWCWarranty.com can enjoy easier access to helpful information and avenues to communicate with GWC.

Informational videos and concise FAQs can help visitors learn how to file a claim, request a duplicate ID card and renew, upgrade or transfer a contract. Meanwhile, simple, direct contact forms allow users to request more information or submit feedback with the click of a mouse.

Also receiving a facelift through this process was GWC Warranty’s blog, Accelerate. Winner of the 2015 Automotive Communication Award for Best Business-to-Business Blog, Accelerate has delivered helpful news and know-how to nearly 6,500 visitors since its inception last April.

The new format is designed to allow more seamless browsing so dealers can scan historical blog articles for topics, tips and best practices most useful to them.

“In the past two years, a significant increase in traffic to GWCWarranty.com brought about the need to simplify and improve the GWC Warranty online experience,” GWC vice president of marketing Kate Eltringham said.

“We are confident that this new website is constructed in a way that makes vital everyday information about GWC more readily accessible for dealers and drivers alike,” Eltringham added.

To learn more, visit the new website at www.GWCWarranty.com.