4 elements of auto finance in ‘new digital ecosystem’


Automotive and asset finance software solutions provider White Clarke Group recently released its latest publication titled, “Global Technology Report 2017: Auto Finance in the New Digital Ecosystem.”

The company highlighted the report, and accompanying summary video that can be viewed here or at the top of this page, draws important conclusions from discussions between technology experts and senior delegates from the world’s largest captive finance providers at White Clarke Group’s annual Auto Captives Summit, which took place in London last November.

The summit identified four main elements that are driving the new digital ecosystem. These elements, which the report describes in detail, include:

• The changing nature of the customer base;

• The transformational nature of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, chatbots and blockchain

• The accelerating pace of technology causing disruption to traditional business models

• The growing threat from cybersecurity and ever-growing regulatory and security demands

Brendan Gleeson, group chief executive officer of White Clarke Group, summed up delegates’ findings.

“We are in an age of ‘connected intelligence’, surrounded by a range of products and services which link together to make up a digital ecosystem,” Gleeson said. “We are experiencing an explosion of innovation, which has a profound impact on how we interact with each other, and how businesses build and maintain a relationship with their customers.

“To succeed in the new ecosystem, organizations must adapt fast –learning new skills, staying abreast of new technology and developing new models for the delivery of finance to avoid the threat from disruptors,” he went on to say.

To download a free copy of “Auto Finance in the New Digital Ecosystem,” go to www.whiteclarkegroup.com.