ACA International welcomes Smith back as VP of operations


ACA International likely isn’t completely going back to the heyday of VCRs and fluorescent clothing, but the organization is welcoming back an executive who first worked with the group back in the 1980s.

ACA International recently announced Ted Smith has returned to the organization, now as vice president of operations. Starting in 1984, Smith was part of ACA International’s public affairs team, working with Debra Ciskey (now an ACA board member) before moving into a leadership role with the organization’s industry management, government services, check services and healthcare divisions.

Smith was instrumental in working with a member task force to develop the Professional Practices Management System (PPMS).

Smith also worked through the mergers of the International Credit Association, leading to an increase in the membership of the Creditors International Division and American Asset Buyers Association, which became the Asset Buyers Division.

He served as executive director of the International Association of Commercial Collectors, managed the ACA International Education Foundation, was executive director of ACA Enterprises and served for four years as chief operating officer.

“My goal is to make ACA the most effective and efficient trade association serving the best members in the world,” Smith said. “I really look forward to working with a great staff at ACA and reconnecting with members around the world.”

Ted Smith