SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — The Automotive Dealership Institute said it was recently recognized by the Association of Finance and Insurance Professionals for its contributions to the F&I industry. AFIP's F&I Eagle Award is given to those who make a commitment to compliance, from the initial implementation of safeguards to the ongoing promotion and support of laws and regulations, according to executives.

"The Automotive Dealership Institute fills a chasm in F&I training," said David Robertson, executive director of AFIP. "This award is given to the people who make a difference in F&I certification training. ADI is one of the most successful training schools in the nation."

The F&I Eagle Award is not awarded on any regular basis; it is only handed out when a company or individual merits recognition, according to the association. In 2005, Reynolds and Reynolds received this industry honor.

"We are very pleased and flattered to accept the F&I Eagle Award," said Alan Algan, chief executive officer and executive director of ADI. "We continuously try to measure up to the standards the award requires. Training is a vital piece of the finance and insurance industry, and it is something that ADI has understood and perfected since its founding."

ADI's recently released Encyclopedia of Finance and Insurance Management, which includes in-depth analysis of F&I practices and procedures by renowned industry experts, is considered a necessary and vital tool for the industry, officials highlighted. ADI Dean of Education Arzu Algan presented Robertson with a special edition of the encyclopedia for his contributions at the recent F&I Conference and Expo.

"The Association of Finance and Insurance Professionals, and Dave Robertson in particular, have been constant advocates of proper training and compliance in this industry," said Alan Algan.

"AFIP sets an incredible example for the rest of us about how to maintain honor and trust in the F&I profession, and we are proud to work with such a great organization," he added.

ADI also pointed out that it has formed partnerships with AFIP and the Institute for Ethical Behavior, allowing the school to incorporate these nationally recognized certification and ethics programs into its comprehensive Automotive Finance and Insurance Management course.

The Automotive Dealership Institute is based in Scottsdale, Ariz. It is an auto management school that specializes in educating the next generation of F&I managers and service advisors. The organization is licensed by the State of Arizona Board for Private Postsecondary Education and approved by the Arizona Department of Education.

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