SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — The Automotive Dealership Institute announced it has taken its F&I management training program beyond the classroom with the addition of an e-learning program.  

"This Web-based F&I management course allows busy professionals to pursue their educational goals without having to travel or take time off work. Industry professionals may choose to complete the entire online program or specific portions based on their needs and interests," according to officials.

Each course can be completed at the individual's pace and at any location with an Internet-accessible computer. ADI's course modules include interactive elements and filmed examples of real-life situations that dealership managers encounter every day.

In addition, all chapter tests are completed and submitted electronically, which allows for instant score results. ADI's online program is designed to maximize profit with an emphasis on maintaining the highest CSI with complete disclosures.

"Whether you're just beginning in F&I or looking to refresh your management skills, the Automotive Dealership Institute's Online Automotive Finance and Management training program will give you the edge you need to succeed," executives indicated.

The program consists of three sections:

1. Finance and Insurance – Prime

2. Laws, Rules and Regulations

3. F&I Menu-Presentation Process/Objection Handling and Conversions

For even greater interaction, there is an optional "hybrid" diploma program. This course consists of the three online sections plus an additional week of in-class instruction.

This section features the non-prime market and non-prime lending and is held at ADI's Scottsdale, Ariz., campus.

Officials explain why Why choose ADI online is a good option:

—Work at your own pace.

—Closely mirrors in-class experience.

—College-level, government-approved course.

—Learn deal structuring and credit report analysis.

—Thorough grounding in legal compliance for greater accountability.

—Interactive graphics, forms and calculation formulas for a dynamic learning experience.

—Learn menu presentation/objection handling through real-life filmed examples.

—Printable textbooks in PDF format.

—Instant test results.

—Modules may be paused and reviewed for greater comprehension.

—Telephone assistance is available.

Students can earn up to 32 credit units that are transferable to Northwood University. ADI is licensed by the State of Arizona Board for Private Postsecondary Education and approved by the Department of Education. This designation allows it to offer federal government-backed student loans.

These student loans cover tuition and provide the student with additional funds, up to 60 percent of the tuition amount, for personal expenses. Students can defer their loan payments for the first 12 months and can take up to 15 years to repay the loan.

For more information, call (877) 998-7200, or visit