LAS VEGAS — Continuing the theme from Tuesday's educational sessions, today's National Alliance of Buy-Here, Pay-Here Dealers' schedule has another round of top industry experts slated to discuss a variety of challenges found in the auto industry.

For instance, Tom Kontos, ADESA's vice president of customer strategies and analytics, will step up to speak not long after Ken Shilson and Ingram Walters offer their official welcome to attendees and sponsors.

In his role with the large auction company, Kontos regularly stays abreast of the latest trends in wholesale prices and shares these with dealers and industry watchers. With the cost of older units remaining relatively high, his discussion will take on particular importance, pointing to what the market will likely do in the future and what dealers should be prepared for.

Additionally, given the high risk associated with the BHPH industry, of particular interest will be speaker John Nagy, a manager partner with Stephens Inc.

Discussing Nagy's contribution to the event, Shilson told SubPrime Auto Finance News, "Stephens is the largest investment banking firm off Wall Street. It is primarily based in Arkansas. They are very experienced in BHPH and highly respected. They were at our first NABD show in 1999."

Shilson appeared to look forward to Nagy's analysis of the capital market and what may be around the corner for the industry.

After Nagy speaks, Shilson will again take the stage continuing his annual tradition of presenting BHPH benchmarks, as compiled by Subprime Analytics, a company he founded.

Next up are various panels highlighting best operating practices, along with advertising tips.

And like Tuesday, another group of vendor presentations will be offered, including:

—"Finding Customers When They Don't Pay" from CalAmp, Goldstar GPS, iMetrik, PassTime Security Systems and SysLocate.

—"Systems for Success" from Arkona, Auto Master Systems, Autostar Solutions, Finance Express and Nowcom.

—Maximizing Your Recoveries" from the American Recovery Association, Insurance Auto Auctions, in addition to Sekurus/OnTime.

—"Add-Ons that Move the Needle" from AFCD, Autosave, Guardian Warranty and Key Royal Financial.

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