BATON ROUGE, La. — AppOne, a part of Wolters Kluwer Financial Services, along with Payless Car Sales, recently announced a partnership to provide Payless Car Sales dealers access to the AppOne platform.

The AppOne platform provides Payless dealers with access to prime and subprime lenders, in addition to the ability to price and print documentation for aftermarket products, along with documentation required for each loan and access to AppOne's MenuOne. MenuOne is characterized as a user-friendly online sales tool offering financing alternatives that dealers can customize for presentation to car buyers.

AppOne went on to indicate that its dealer services will support Payless franchisees, assisting in the completion of financing transactions, along with ensuring compliance with all state and federal lending regulations.

"We are continually looking for tools that help our dealer franchisees stay ahead of their competitors," explained Mike Harley, Payless president and chief operating officer. "With its cutting-edge technology, compliance expertise and financing assistance, the AppOne platform does this on a number of different levels."

Lee Domingue, chief executive officer of AppOne, added, "With the intense competition in the auto industry right now, our goal is to help independent dealers build the financial and technological resources they need to sustain their business.

"AppOne not only helps them compete with the larger franchise dealers, but it also allows them to devote as much time as possible to what they do best — marketing and selling vehicles," he concluded.

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