Automotive Reinsurance Concepts (ARC) is again giving independent dealers and their finance managers the opportunity to learn F&I from the “best in the business.”

The reinsurance and warranty company’s latest F&I Basics Bootcamp will be held May 3-4 at the Hyatt Regency Indianapolis, where ARC founder and CEO Justin Osburn and ARC national training director “3K” Cory Collins will teach the fundamentals of F&I sales.

Osburn brings experience as a dealership owner and finance manager and was previously lead instructor of NIADA’s acclaimed Certified Master Dealer course.

Collins, who earned his nickname by running $3,000 in F&I profit per vehicle retailed, is a renowned F&I expert who trains F&I managers for some of the nation’s largest independent dealerships.

“The more we travel to dealerships across the country to work with their F&I departments, the more it becomes painfully clear how underserved F&I managers are when it comes to training — especially in independent operations,” Osburn said in a news release.

“This course provides a very solid foundation for independent F&I managers. It’s a great resource to help them dramatically improve their PVR,” he added.

Lydia McDonald is F&I manager of NeoClassics in Willoughby, Ohio. In the same news release, McDonald said the value of the F&I Bootcamp she attended is “immeasurable.”

“The energy and excitement they bring into their work is palpable and highly contagious,” she said. “You will return to work with a fresh framework, millions of questions answered, excitement and energy, and a whole bunch of new confidence in what you do. The knowledge I learned has helped catapult my deals.”

The F&I Basics Bootcamp – the first step in ARC’s three-part series of F&I certification courses, followed by intermediate and advanced – is focused on the four essentials of F&I sales.

That includes how to do a successful turnover – the T.O. – as well as a solid menu presentation, basic deal structure and primary and introductory objection handling.

“We built this course based on fundamentals and the results have been just mind-blowing,” Collins said. “Not only are we changing dealerships’ bottom lines, we’re also changing F&I managers’ lives.”

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