ARS to outsource assignments via MBSi’s repossession platform


MBSi Corp., and American Recovery Service (ARS) recently broadened their relationship.

The repossession assignment software and vendor compliance solutions provider and national repossession services firm are expanding their partnership as ARS will soon begin outsourcing repossession assignments through MBSi’s repossession assignment platform, Recovery Connect.

The companies indicated the first phase will involve assignments from their largest client, with future phases including other MBSi clients and potentially other ARS clients as well.

Executives explained this outsourcing change can allows ARS, which currently utilizes Compliance Made Easy, MBSi’s compliance and training management platform, to more effectively manage repossession compliance down to the individual assignment level.

“We are proud to continuously exceed industry compliance standards,” ARS chief operations officer Dave Copeland said. “Outsourcing through MBSi’s Recovery Connect platform, enables ARS to provide the recovery agent with real-time account status checks, geo-updates and instant ‘on-hook’ reporting of recoveries.”

ARS and MBSi have already began the integration effort necessary to put this announcement into practice and expect to begin by migrating assignments to Recovery Connect by early summer with further MBSi clients being completed by the fall.

“ARS has long been an innovative leader in the recovery industry, and we are proud that they have chosen to expand their partnership with MBSi. It is validation that MBSi’s focus on solutions that improve the efficiency and compliance during the recovery process is taking hold,” MBSi president Cort DeHart said.

Currently more than 2,000 recovery companies utilize MBSi’s platforms, including Recovery Connect, to manage and process repossession assignments. All of these agents have access to MBSi’s Recovery Connect mobile app and will soon be able to receive ARS assignments, check statuses and transmit Smart Updates with a single button.

Additionally, as Recovery Connect is integrated with both Clearplan and RepoRoute, the agent’s assignments can seamlessly transfer to their routing solution of choice.