SARASOTA, Fla. — Auto Dealer Monthly announced that it has officially released its Complete Guide to Special Finance, written by auto retail industry trainer and consultant Greg Goebel.

This new guidebook offers in-depth coverage on how to build, maintain and grow any dealership's special finance department, franchise or independent and small or large, according to officials.

Plus, included throughout the book and in the appendix are several resources like inventory buying guides and phone scripts that can be instantly implemented to aid your current processes.

Highlights of the publication include:

—In-depth insight into the special finance market.

—The two axioms of special finance.

—Proven special finance techniques.

—Outlined sales processes for different types of customers.

—Detailed information on customer pool selection.

—Details on tracking, measuring and managing your way to success.

—A sample credit score analysis.

—Productivity reporting worksheets.

—A list of finance company resources.

—An inventory buying guide.

—Phone scripts.

—An appendix full of checklists.

—And much more.

For more information or to order your copy of The Complete Guide to Special Finance, call (888) 300-8844.