JAMAICA, N.Y. — In response to the challenging economic times, one dealer has come up with a unique solution that not only helps customers with their payments, but also drives new business into the stores.

What is the idea? Nemet Auto Group, based in Jamaica, N.Y., recently launched a plan called the "Friends & Family Referral Program."

This program basically allows customers one free month of payments for each customer they refer. According to officials, nearly everyone knows someone in the market for a new vehicle.

Reputation is a very important part of a store's image. And this solution appears to not only show that the auto group has compassion for struggling consumers, but also enhances this image for the buying public. Not to mention that it makes good business sense if these referrals turn into purchases.

"With more and more families having their homes go into foreclosure and being unable to make their monthly car payments, we decided that something had to be done to help," explained Scott Perlstein, general manager of Nemet Auto Group.

"People need their cars to get around, so selling their vehicle to get rid of their monthly expense is unreasonable. All we ask is that our current customers refer their friends and family that are looking to purchase a vehicle to our dealership and we'll alleviate their monthly payments," he pointed out.

For more information on the auto group, visit www.nemet.com.