DETROIT — Autodata Solutions recently announced that Autoland will continue to use its core automotive data to support the company's one-stop online portal for credit union members to find vehicle information and to purchase cars. 

Autoland also said it will license Spanish vehicle data to broaden its offering to connect dealer partner inventories with credit unions.

Autoland specializes in presenting auto buying information and offers consultative services to credit union members. 

"In order to offer the best experience possible for our clients, we think a technology provider should be the most reliable, and that is why we chose Autodata Solutions as a partner," said Mark Chandler, president, of Autoland.

"Autodata's strength lies in its technology that manages complex vehicle configurations so consumers can select vehicles quickly and easily," he continued.

Meanwhile, Mike Lefteris, manager of business development for Autodata Solutions, added, "Our solutions help our customers deliver powerful marketing services.  Autodata has had a continuous relationship with Autoland since 2000, and we are pleased to extend our relationship into the future and continue to expand our offerings and capabilities."

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