Black Book unveils next generation ValuEngine platform


On Wednesday, Black Book introduced its next generation ValuEngine platform with what the firm described as a new, easy-to-navigate web interface. Black Book reiterated ValuEngine is a real-time collateral valuation tool allowing automotive industry professionals, finance companies, OEMs and dealers the ability to value their entire portfolio through a secure, on-demand, self-service platform.

With ValuEngine, Black Book explained professionals can react quickly to market changes by valuing a portfolio’s historical, current and projected residual values on any collateral, down to the specific trim level. By utilizing ValuEngine, users can improve loss forecasting while also identifying delinquencies for a more precise collections strategy, aiding in risk analysis.

Especially in today’s market, with razor-thin margins and price fluctuations occurring frequently, Black Book insisted ValuEngine can help automotive industry professionals and finance companies determine how the loan-to-value ratios in a given portfolio change over time.

In addition, ValuEngine has the ability to process files on-demand or through its advanced scheduling capability, allowing for greater flexibility.

“In today’s highly competitive automotive market, having an accurate view of your portfolio is essential. By utilizing ValuEngine’s batch processing, users can run millions of VINs in a single job,” said Jared Kalfus, senior vice president of sales at Black Book.

“Industry professionals want to know how all VIN specific data points and valuations impact their portfolio profit potential and risk levels, and ValuEngine delivers each of these in a comprehensive, easy-to-use platform,” continued Kalfus, who is scheduled to be a part of a future episode of the Auto Remarketing Podcast.

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