SAN RAMON, Calif. — BlueSky Marketing Group, a provider of direct marketing and lead generation for auto dealers, recently announced it has launched its full-service business development center division, which is designed to help dealers efficiently deliver more vehicles.

BlueSky's Pure BDC was created as an outsourced solution to help dealers optimize every type of lead they generate, and therefore potentially boost sales.

Essentially, once a lead is generated, Pure BDC can manage each step of the sales process, including customer follow-up, appointment scheduling and confirmation and sales conversion.

According to officials, this includes auto finance leads, new- and used-vehicle leads, direct-mail promotions and unsold showroom traffic.

BlueSky provides dealers with their own personal BDC manager and an agent team to facilitate customer communications throughout the entire sales process.

"Automotive dealers can now receive the benefits of a full-service BDC without the setup and ongoing expense of housing an internal center," stated Brian Hall, president of BlueSky Marketing. 

"Our BDC services are designed to accommodate the specific needs of auto dealers," he continued. "The combination of our technology, industry specialization and unique pricing structure allows dealers to migrate a piece of their business from a fixed to a variable expense with higher performance levels and lower acquisition costs."

Officials indicated that Pure BDC has eight business centers throughout the U.S.