SAN RAMON, Calif. — BlueSky Marketing Group has launched its new, live auto lead verification program.

The program was designed to utilize proprietary validation technology and outbound-call processes to verify auto loan applicants' purchase intent. If a customer lead is identified as bogus or not in-market to purchase, it is automatically removed and replaced with a valid, in-market customer, officials said.

"We joined forces with our dealers to develop the live auto lead verification program to deliver more in-market customers and streamline lead returns." explained Rory Holland, executive vice president of marketing for blueSky.

"The new system incorporates real-time processes that effectively remove invalid leads and replaces them with valid, in-market car buyers. This allows our dealers to spend more time selling cars and less time verifying and auditing bad leads," he continued.

To further improve dealers' sales efficiency, the new program includes an automated lead return system that connects dealers directly to blueSky's Quality Control Department, executives noted.

The new system is integrated into blueSky's Web-based lead management system and allows dealers to instantly return any invalid auto leads they may find, the company said. Moreover, each returned auto lead is immediately contacted by blueSky's Quality Control Team, validated, credited and replaced.

"We developed this program in partnership with our dealers, and the response has been nothing short of phenomenal," said Brian Hall, president of blueSky Marketing.

"It represents one of the many positive steps that blueSky's taking that reflect our continued dedication to improving auto lead quality and providing innovative solutions that increase dealers special finance sales," he concluded.

For more information about blueSky and its programs, call (800) 573-0873.