SARASOTA, Fla. — CarBiz announced today that it has launched a new lease-here, pay-here Web site.

CarBiz officials said they offer a variety of services to consumers and dealers from buying cars to providing financing and leasing, as well as operating a consulting and training division for dealers.

This new site can allow consumers to apply for a new car and find a vehicle at any one of the 25 locations owned and operated by CarBiz.

It also highlights the company's consulting services such as management and associate training classes for dealers from start-up buy-here, pay-here stores to mature dealerships. The consulting group also moderates performance groups for dealers across the U.S.

CarBiz also noted it recently teamed up with Dealer Services Corp. of Indiana to offer more than $100 million in new capital for dealers through its new Lease-Here, Pay-Here program.

The CarBiz Corporate section offers career opportunities, live stock quotes and information about the executive staff and board of directors.

To view the new site, visit