Officials from 3530 Technologies recently broadened their partnership with Carleton, integrating CarletonCalcs and CarletonDocs API components into their software solutions and services for consumer and business lending.

According to a news release, this new partnership expands CreditCore — 3530 Technologies loan origination solution(LOS) — to support direct lenders with comprehensive electronic documents and accurate and compliant disclosure computations.

The companies highlighted that utilizing both components in tandem can ensure not only that the correct electronic document sets are dynamically compiled in application and closing packages, but that each computed value is produced featuring Carleton’s 50 years of expertise in providing precisely configured lending calculations.

“Carleton’s computational compliance expertise adds credibility and confidence in our client’s lending-configurations providing critical value and quality to the CreditCore user experience,” said Troy Anderson, chief executive officer of 3530 Technologies.

“Meeting our client’s needs is always a top priority and adding both CarletonCalcs and CarletonDocs API components ensures the CreditCore LOS has complete flexibility to accommodate all types of consumer and business lending products and their corresponding disclosure compliance requirements,” Anderson continued.”

The provider went on to mention that CreditCore’s enhanced flexibility means 3530 Technologies can serve a more diverse spectrum of lending operations. These Carleton components can help clients optimize their operational workflows.

The CarletonCalcs API is designed to compute contract disclosure values, automatically reducing them if they would otherwise exceed state and federal Truth in Lending Act (TILA) compliance requirements.

Meanwhile, CarletonDocs can empower 3530’s clients to deploy “off the shelf” document sets, third-party document provider offerings or a combination with their own custom forms.

Carleton said its solutions bring a “distinct” added value to the CreditCore LOS, ensuring each of 3530’s clients are able to configure CreditCore to the exact requirements of their lending operations.

“Through Carleton’s partnership with 3530 Technologies, we’re able to deliver cutting-edge compliance capabilities and allow lenders the ability to streamline and optimize their compliance processes,” Carleton president and chief operating officer Matt Ruszkowski. “3530 Technologies’ clients can have confidence that Carleton will deliver compliant disclosures in this unforgiving regulatory environment.

“Additionally, Carleton’s team will help ensure a successful and compliant CreditCore integration, both within the initial implementation project and whenever computations and disclosures need to be updated,” Ruszkowski continued.

“Carleton was founded over 50 years ago with our sole focus on delivering accurate and compliant consumer lending calculations. Over these years, we’ve been successful helping our partners maintain and adapt to an ever-changing compliance landscape, and our relationship with 3530 Technologies is a terrific example of that,” he went on to say.

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