SAN ANTONIO, Texas — Chase Auto Finance has opened a new Custom Finance Business Center to meet the subprime needs of dealers in San Antonio, Texas, which will cover central and southern Texas.

Officials said Hu Hunger will manage the new office at 8522 Broadway Street, No. 209, San Antonio. He and the center's credit team have more than 50 years of combined experience in auto finance, according to the company.

Additionally, executives said Bert Perez will serve as the office's dealer relationship manager.

"We are excited about expanding our presence in Texas, offering local customer service and making it even easier for our dealer and ultimately consumers to access our subprime financing solutions," explained Bill Jensen, Chase's custom finance executive.

Overall, Chase will now have several offices in the state serving dealers — a Prime Business Center in Houston and Subprime Business Centers in Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and now San Antonio.

Its dealer commercial services division offers treasury management services, real-estate financing and other banking services to dealers.