HARRISBURG, N.C. (July 27, 2006) — The Carolinas Independent Automobile Dealers Association announced it just broke ground on a new 9,000-square-foot headquarters in Harrisburg, N.C.

"Due to our association's growth and increase in employees, we've been stacked one upon each other for several years," said Jim Edwards, executive director of the association. "We had sought long and hard to locate a building or piece of land in Harrisburg, but with the rapid growth and escalating prices in this market, we though we might be required to move from this area.

"Good fortune beamed on us, and we managed to purchase 2.2 acres that the owner didn't have on the market," he continued. "We are building for our current and future needs during this construction process. The professional staff and the executive committee are exuberant over this new era in the history of CIADA."