CLEARWATER, Fla. — CIQ Inc. /Voisys announced that it has partnered with SendTec, a search-centric, multi-channel marketing agency, to increase lead volume and quality.

By using SendTec's search-centric marketing services, CIQ/Voisys said it will be able to further develop and enhance the flow of leads from its 123 consumer-facing Web sites, providing auto dealers with a greater volume of quality leads.

"SendTec's team will continue to enhance our company objective of providing high-quality organic leads to our dealer clients, which in turn facilitates the sale of more vehicles," said Paul Snider, CIQ/Voisys chief executive officer.

According to officials, SendTec is widely recognized for integrating and optimizing online and offline marketing campaigns, most of which leverage SendTec's expertise in search engine marketing and direct response television.

Executives said SendTec will help the company to laser target consumers in the market for an auto loan through both a pay-per-action campaign and multi-channel search-centric marketing services.

Utilizing its large network of Web publishers, portal sites and more, SendTec will take CIQ/Voisys messaging of "No Credit, Bad Credit, No Problem" and push it to where consumers are completing transactions online.

While a consumer is online purchasing an auto-related product and checking out their shopping cart online, it is a perfect time to let them know about a new car loan, as they are already thinking about the category, officials explained.

The message can be presented to a consumer through a text link or an ad that pops up and entices the consumer to click on a link that takes them to a form to fill out and submit a lead.

SendTec said it will employ a variety of such techniques with its search-centric multi-channel marketing approach to drive a higher quality and quantity of leads to CIQ/Voisys Web sites.

"Over the past few years a serious supply and demand issue has developed in the industry to the point that demand outweighs supply, and as a result quality has suffered," Snider pointed out.

"As a pioneer in the lead generation industry, CIQ/Voisys is constantly incorporating the latest in technology to provide the best level of service and the highest quality of leads to our clients. Our partnership with SendTec takes us to a whole new level," Snider added.