PORTLAND, Ore., and HANOVER, Md. — Compli announced it recently teamed up with CounselorLibrary to provide "Carlaw" through its management system. Moreover, CounselorLibrary.com also released its newest "Carlaw F&I Legal Desk Book."

Executives said the new Carlaw integration with Compli was designed to offer dealers instant, online access to the latest state and issue-specific information on legal developments in consumer credit.

"'Carlaw' is the most comprehensive source available for relevant information on legal developments in the realm of consumer finance," explained Steve Bryan, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Compli. "'Carlaw' is a must-have addition for dealership finance managers using the Compli DCMS."

Tom Hudson, editor-in-chief and managing partner of CounselorLibrary, added, "As part of an annual subscription for Compli's DCMS, dealers can now receive 'Carlaw' bundled product offerings to stay informed on legal consumer finance developments in their states. This provides dealers with an excellent opportunity to maximize their compliance efforts."

"Carlaw" offers a monthly summary report, providing an overview on the prior month's developments in the consumer finance sector, executives pointed out. The product also sends real-time e-mail alerts on hot topics and issues to dealers, Hudson noted.

The system is set up so users can organize each section of "Carlaw" by current, year-to-date and prior-year developments in consumer finance that affects dealers. It also includes a search engine, allowing dealers to review state-specific topics and information.

By purchasing an annual subscription to "Carlaw" dealers will also receive Spot Delivery, a monthly newsletter that addresses legal issues in the industry.

For more information, or to purchase "Carlaw" for the Compli DCMS, contact Compli at (866) 294-5545, or visit www.compli.com/carlaw.

Tom Hudson, CounselorLibrary.com Publish New "Carlaw F&I Legal Desk Book"

CounselorLibrary.com announced it recently published "Carlaw F&I Legal Desk Book — The Answer Book for F&I Professionals," by Hudson and the team of attorneys at Hudson Cook LLP.

According to Hudson, the book offers readers 342 things to know about auto dealer finance. The new book presents a law-by-law, regulation-by-regulation guide through the legal maze that dealers face every day, the attorneys explained.

Hudson said each chapter was written by a Hudson Cook attorney whose daily practice involves that area of subject matter. The format for each chapter is question and answer to make it reader-friendly in a format easy for dealers to reference. The publication also provides Internet links for CounselorLibrary.com, so readers can find the actual laws and regulations discussed in each chapter.

"The 'F&I Legal Desk Book' is the official course text for the AFIP's (Association of F&I Professionals) certified F&I professional program," said Dave Robertson, AFIP's executive director.

"Hudson Cook is now the course authority for the applicable state and federal regulations," he continued. "I can count on one hand the law firms in the United States who could have met our curriculum requirements. The 'F&I Legal Desk Book' will dramatically reduce the time required for candidates to prepare for the 200-question final exam.

"Hudson Cook has made a major contribution to AFIP's efforts to raise the bar for regulatory compliance and ethical conduct within the F&I trade," Robertson noted.

Hudson also offered a special mention for the book's managing editor, Teresa Rohwedder, who recently lost her battle with cancer.

"She was an amazing lady and our world will be smaller and less joyful without her in it," Hudson wrote in a memoriam.

"She was a natural for Carlaw and HouseLaw and quickly made them her own in many ways," he continued. "She was really in her element with Spot Delivery, though, hitting exactly the right tone and style that the newsletter needed. Believe it or not, the December 2006 issue of Spot Delivery was primarily Teresa's work product.

"She was fiercely loyal, totally committed and one of the most thoughtful friends we have ever known. Her integrity and passion were an inspiration. Her memory will live on at Hudson Cook and CounselorLibrary like no other," Hudson said.

For more information on the book, or CounselorLibrary, visit www.counselorlibrary.com.