PORTLAND, Ore. — Compli announced the release of its Red Flags Toolkit today, which was developed in collaboration with Michael Benoit, a partner at Hudson Cook, LLP.

The Red Flags Toolkit, available at no extra charge to current and future customers of Compli's Dealership Compliance Management System, is designed to give dealerships the tools they need to comply with all elements of the expansive new Red Flags regulation.

"We released our initial Red Flags Program in February 2008 to introduce the topic to our clients and raise awareness of the extensive requirements," explained Lon Leneve, president of Compli.

"Now we are releasing a fully updated version, which includes a robust Toolkit that provides our clients with all the tools they need to fully comply with the law by Nov. 1st. Though critically important, Red Flags is really just one more puzzle piece in a continuing ‘good faith' effort that should address all pieces of the compliance puzzle," he added.

"Compli clients have access to a vast number of critical compliance programs that address legally mandated requirements, and they can continue to count on Compli to add more programs as the regulations keep coming," he noted.

Benoit added, "The Red Flags Rule is just one of many compliance obligations imposed on dealers. In assisting Compli in developing the Red Flags Toolkit, we focused on building a resource that would walk dealers through the steps.

"Dealers will still need to be thoughtful in their compliance efforts, but the Toolkit should take much of the stress out of designing and documenting an Identity Theft Prevention Program," he continued.

Compli's DCMS is an automated compliance solution that can help protect dealers from claims, fines and litigation, while lowering overhead costs.

The system combines expert content from a variety of subject matter experts, including Hudson Cook LLP (sales and F&I), with electronic best practices to create turn-key, "good faith" compliance programs that increase protection, reduce liabilities and create cost-saving efficiencies previously unavailable to dealers, officials pointed out.

Compli's Red Flags Toolkit includes:

—Implementing Your Red Flags Program

—What should a dealer think about when constructing their ID theft program?

—Red Flags Program Overview Training — How to Implement a Red Flags Program

—Red Flags Risk Assessment Form — What is your dealership currently doing to address ID theft?

—Reference — Sample Red Flags Policies and Procedures

—Dealership Red Flags and Responses Reference

—Identity Theft Incident Report Form

—Annual Red Flags Audit Form

—Online Training — Overview of Red Flags

—Policy — Identity Theft Red Flags Policy for Employees

—Policy — Red Flags Program Policy

—Customer Identification Checklist

—Red Flag Detection Checklist

For more information, visit www.compli.com.